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Tesla has begun deliveries of its electric truck Semi, which it claims can travel 800 kilometers on a single charge.

Tesla has started to deliver the electric truck model Semi, which has been eagerly awaited for a while, to its customers. As it is known, the company announced that it will start the delivery of the trucks as of December 1 and its first customer will be Pepsi, which ordered 100 Semis in December 2017.
The event, which was held at Tesla’s factory in Nevada, started with Elon Musk’s arrival on the stage with a Tesla Semi. Musk then conveyed Tesla’s plans for the future in the scene created with a Semi truck trailer. At the ceremony, where two Pepsi executives were handed the keys, Musk took no questions.

It is known that the semi-truck will have two different models. The prices of these models, which can travel 300 and 500 miles (approximately 500 and 800 kilometers, respectively) with a full charge, were determined as 150 thousand and 180 thousand dollars. Tesla plans to produce 50,000 Semis in North America by 2024.

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