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The Boeing 747, one of the largest aircraft ever built, has reached its breaking point.

The Boeing 747, a popular aircraft of the period, is also among the largest aircraft in the world.
The Boeing 747, which made a lot of noise in its time, has now come to the end of the road. The last plane produced by the company was delivered to its owner by leaving the tape.
The aircraft’s last customer was Atlas Air, the cargo company that ordered four 747-8 cargo planes earlier this year.
A total of 1,573 were produced
The Boeing 747, which was the world’s largest and first double-aisle commercial airplane when it was first produced in 1969, has been produced 1,573 times so far.
Over the past two decades, Boeing and its European rival Airbus have turned to more fuel-efficient and profitable aircraft. That’s why the Boeing 747 is no longer popular.

The two aircraft already assembled will now be converted into the next generation of the presidential jet. Those planes will not be delivered for at least four years due to delays.
Apart from that, the days when the 747 was used as a passenger plane are now completely over. Airlines moved away from airplanes with four fuel-burning engines, such as the 747, and began to prefer more efficient twin-engine airplanes.

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