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A nation in the Pacific realized it was in danger of being flooded by ocean waters and decided that migrating to the Metaverse would be the only complete solution.

Rising sea levels pose a major threat to completely destroy the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. It also plans to promote an exact clone of the nation on Metaverse in reaction to this threat.

In a speech to the leaders at COP27, Simon Kofe, the minister of justice, communications, and foreign affairs of Tuvalu, made the announcement. To protect the islands and their unique culture, the plan, which Kofe called a “worst-case scenario,” calls for building a digital twin of Tuvalu in the metaverse.

Kofe didn’t forget to provide the leaders with this crucial caution: “Tuvalu might be the first nation in history to exist solely online. Nevertheless, if global warming is not stopped, it won’t be the last.”

The goal is to make sure Tuvalu “runs as a fully independent state” even after its citizens are evacuated. However, it is still challenging to imagine how a country that entirely uses digital transactions will operate. We hope that the people of Tuvalu will continue to stay on their island for a very long time and that it will not be expected.

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