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In order for the European Union (EU) to create a reliable and secure communication infrastructure, an agreement has been reached between EU institutions to create a new satellite system. The EU will reportedly install a satellite system called “IRIS.” IRIS is designed to cover all of Europe and all of Africa with its north-south orbit.

The new satellite system that the EU will construct this time is on the agenda. With a 2.4 billion euro budget, the 2023–2027 Secure Connection Program was approved by the European Parliament and EU member states. The program calls for the establishment of the “IRIS” satellite system by the EU. With the system, it is hoped to meet the economic needs of EU countries and states for secure, quick, and lengthy communication while reducing pressure on other nations.

The satellite-based connection is also designed to give the armed forces of EU nations high-security communications. With its north-south orbit, the IRIS satellite system is expected to cover all of Africa as well as all of Europe. It will be built with the knowledge and experience of the European space industry.

As part of its efforts to develop sovereign, autonomous, and secure connection infrastructure, the EU’s new satellite system was on the schedule.

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