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Alice, an all-electric aircraft from Eviation Aircraft, achieved a successful first test flight after several years of development.

The all-electric twin-engine aircraft from Eviation Aircraft, which is intended for regional travel over relatively short distances, has successfully completed its inaugural flight in the USA. A tiny passenger plane model named Alice was airborne for eight minutes.

According to Gregory Davis, president of Eviation Aircraft, the first electric aircraft designed for short-haul travel, Alice created aviation history. Although electric air taxis have been tested several times, Eviation considers the Alice to be in a different category since it is the only aircraft that can accommodate up to 9 passengers, while rivals have not yet achieved comparable numbers. Additionally, it is one of the few modern airplanes with a traditional fuselage form.

Normal flying procedures were used during the test flight. The systems’ dependability was tested last week with a high-speed ground (taxi) test. The 17-meter Alice is equipped with two electric motors and batteries that weigh a combined total of more than 3.6 tons. The plane’s top speed throughout the journey was 275 km/h.

There are more issues besides large batteries.
Despite the flight’s relative success, the creators still face a number of significant obstacles, foremost among them the need to lighten the batteries by boosting their energy density. Although batteries are crucial, there are other issues as well. The planes must first undergo more testing, regulatory approval, and price reduction to a point where airlines are prepared to purchase them.

Although the Alice electric plane’s takeoff is significant, the first commercial flights using such a plane are probably only going to be in the “elite” class, where only a small number of people will be transported over short distances. It is doubtful that more powerful electric aircraft will become commonplace in the near future.

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