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The laptop market, which had a good output during the pandemic period, started to decline again.

The increase in remote working and education applications due to the coronavirus epidemic had a very positive effect on laptop sales.
However, the loss of the effect of the pandemic and global economic problems began to negatively affect the laptop market.
According to market research, it is estimated that 42.9 million units will be sold in the laptop market in the last quarter of the year.
In 2022, total sales will be at the level of 189 million. These figures are also below 2019.
In 2023, the decline will be harder
Laptop sales are expected to decline further in 2023 due to the global economic crisis.
According to forecasts, sales next year will fall to 176.6 million, the lowest level in the last 4 years.

Things are looking good for the high-end laptop segment, although the market has experienced a decline.
Gaming and professional laptop models continue to be important sources of income as they maintain high-profit margins.

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