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What happens when an electric vehicle’s battery runs out? This may be the biggest issue with them. The Tesla Model S’s proposed repair cost is astounding given that its battery is officially dead.

Despite the fact that electric cars are seen as sustainable, their batteries ultimately need to be changed. because the batteries might entirely discharge for a variety of reasons, much as in our cell phones. A Tesla user who had this issue posted on TikTok that he had refused the battery replacement offer because it was too expensive.

In a video he posted, TikTok user Mario Zelaya discussed the issues he encountered with his Tesla Model S car. Zelaya notes that the Model S’s battery was fully dead in the video, which has more than 15 million views, making it impossible for him to even go inside. He further claims that the car did not react to the charging procedure.

The Tesla Model S, which cost $140,000 (Canadian dollars) to buy in 2013, requires a battery replacement that will cost C$28,000 (US$21,000). Zelaya came up with a solution by selling the automobile after declining this absurdly exorbitant cost. Zelaya, on the other hand, explained that he brought the Model S to Transport Canada, the organization responsible for regulating his country, where technicians informed him that the air conditioning unit’s drain hose was situated over the battery chamber, causing water to continuously leak into the battery unit and cause the batteries to corrode. Some Model S from 2013 and 2014 have this manufacturing defect.


My opinion: Tesla shut down my car over the air because my videos after refusing to pay for a new battery. #tesla #car

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High battery replacement costs for Tesla are not new. A Finnish Model S owner thought the 20,000 euro battery replacement cost was too much earlier in the year. Because the used Model S was roughly 35,000 euros at the time, he found a solution by blowing up his car with 30 kg of explosives.

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