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The US Congress took action against the TikTok app to ban it for security reasons.

The number of users on the Chinese social media network TikTok keeps growing despite recent privacy concerns that have been brought to light.
As the platform gains popularity, the company is now the subject of greater scrutiny.
The United States has again taken steps against TikTok, a popular social media platform recently, especially among young people.

The US Congress has started working on banning the platform on the grounds that TikTok has violated many critical topics such as user privacy, misinformation, and child safety for a long time.

The Chinese corporation ByteDance’s TikTok has drawn criticism for its propensity for spreading false information, violating users’ privacy, and raising issues of child abuse.
There are claims that China’s gathering of private data resulted in a significant security breach.
Due to worries about China’s data security, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) demanded a few months ago that the app be taken off Android and iOS.
When a similar ban was a possibility during the Trump administration, US President Joe Biden similarly referred to TikTok as a “security concern.”

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