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The TikTok sleep trend has begun. Some publishers sleep and earn up to $400,000.

For thousands of users, TikTok, a well-known video-sharing network in recent years, is a significant source of money.
While some users make money by sending presents through the application, the number of people making money by sleeping has recently increased.
For instance, every night at 10 p.m., Jakey Boehm, who has more than 1 million followers, puts on his pajamas and heads to bed while being watched from all over the world.
monthly income of $35,000
The presenter, who is 28 years old, claimed to make an average of $35,000 every month. This translates to an annual income of almost $420,000.

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Boehm’s sleep can be disturbed by users’ virtual gifts because she lives in Australia. With these gifts, viewers can turn on music or lights in their bedrooms. Viewers attempt to awaken the presenter in this way.
The live streaming platform Twitch is where sleep broadcasts originally started. Since last year, this trend has expanded to TikTok, bringing in thousands of dollars for publishers.

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