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Two new minerals emerged from a 17-ton meteorite. The minerals were found in a slice of the El Ali meteorite found in Somalia in 2020.

Two minerals never before seen on Earth have been discovered inside a large meteorite in Somalia.
With this invention, important clues can be obtained about how asteroids form.
2 new minerals in the El Ali meteorite
According to the news of Live Science, new minerals; came out of a single 70-gram slice taken from the 16.5-ton El Ali meteorite found in 2020.
“When you find a new mineral, it means that the actual geological conditions, the chemistry of the rock, are different from those found before,” said Chris Herd, professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences on the subject.

More research will be done on meteorites
Researchers classified El Ali as an Iron IAB complex meteorite, a type made of meteoric iron speckled with tiny bits of silicate.
The researchers plan to investigate the meteorites further to understand the conditions under which their parent asteroid formed.

There is also the disruption of research.
The biggest problem for the researchers is that El Ali was transferred to China to find a new buyer.
Because of this situation, research may be interrupted.

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