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Video game giant Atari announced that it has started a partnership with printing company Pixels as part of its NFT initiatives.

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The fact that the global economy is going through a difficult period has caused the crypto industry to enter a bear trend. Also, the FTX bankruptcy was enough to fuel the bear trend. Crypto investors, who have been under the influence of the bear market for a long time, are determined not to break away from the market. Recently, there has been an increase in crypto adoption and blockchain initiatives. Countries, in particular, are working hard on crypto mining and blockchain initiatives. On the other hand, NFT and Metaverse continue to maintain their popularity in the industry. In this context, the gaming giant Atari has taken new steps in the field of NFT. The gaming giant has started a partnership with Pixels.

Atari Will Use Pixels Prints On NFT
Video game company Atari announced that it is bringing a new feature to Atari NFT owners. This feature will enable NFT owners to transform their products into physical media. As a result of the partnership with Pixels, the Atari NFT collection will be able to be made into framed prints and posters.

Atari NFT holders will use their Ethereum wallets to create physical versions of their products, available in five different sizes. Along with this wallet, they will be able to connect to an Atari company print page.

“With the recent rise in popularity of NFTs, it was a natural fit to expand our printing capabilities into the NFT community,” said Sean Broihier, CEO of Pixels.

The NFT collection, called Atari’s 50 Years, was released in September.

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