Image by Xiaomi on Youtube

According to the report, CyberOne, a humanoid robot, is capable of understanding human emotions and constructing the actual environment in three dimensions using superior eyesight.

“CyberOne’s artificial intelligence and mechanical skills have all been created by Xiaomi Robotics Lab,” stated Lei Jun, the founder, and CEO of the Xiaomi Group. We have made significant investments in R&D projects spanning several industries, including software, hardware, and algorithm developments. In order to fully explore the potential of Xiaomi’s future technological environment, the CyberOne, which has a full-size human form factor, is crucial.

CyberOne is a 177-cm-tall, 52-kilogram humanoid robot, with an arm reach of 168 cm. It is mechanically more difficult compared to the four-legged robot and calls for more potent motors, more degrees of freedom, and sophisticated humanoid bipedal control algorithms. Up to 21 degrees of freedom of movement are supported by CyberOne, which also achieves a real-time reaction rate of 0.5 milliseconds for every degree of freedom. This enables it to faithfully mimic human movement.

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