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One of the first flying motorcycles in the world, the XTURISMO, made its explosive debut last week at the Detroit Auto Show. It is definitely a futuristic and somewhat uncanny sight to see a grown man levitating a few feet off the ground while sitting upright as if he was riding an ordinary motorcycle. If it resembles a motorcycle and a drone together, that is mostly because it is.

XTURISMO, powered by a hybrid Kawasaki engine, can reportedly fly for 40 minutes and reach high speeds of 62 mph. However, if you were to push the hoverbike at highway speeds without pausing, you have to question how much shorter its flying duration would be. Even still, we’re amazed given how new the technology is.

A smaller version, which is expected to be released in the US in 2023, is reportedly currently available in Japan. A staggering $777,00 is the purchase price. Its creators, the Delaware-based but Japanese-owned business AERWINS Technologies, intend to lower that cost to a far more affordable $50,000 by 2025.

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