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The space agency made a statement about the mission performed by the two astronauts.

American astronauts Josh Cassada and Frank Rubio performed a 7-hour spacewalk.
Two new solar panels were installed during the march outside the International Space Station.
Statement from NASA:
“Cassada and Rubio have completed their main goal today to install a Roll-Out Solar Array (iROSA) and disconnect a cable to enable channel 1B to be reactivated,” NASA said in a statement. it was said.
It was the 256th spacewalk
iROSA is known as a light and flexible power supply, providing more energy with less mass.
The work outside the space station was recorded as the 256th spacewalk and the second spacewalk for both astronauts.

The date of the next spacewalk
iROSAs will increase electricity generation capacity by up to 30 percent and increase the total usable power of the station from 160 kilowatts to 215 kilowatts.
NASA has announced that the next spacewalk will take place on December 19.

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