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The European Union has announced the deadline for the USB-C mandate. iPhones with USB-C ports will soon enter our lives.

The European Union (EU) is currently working on the proposal ‘Let’s use a single type of charging port on phones’, which it has been working on for 10 years.
The European Commission said that a universal charger to be used in all mobile devices would be effective in reducing electronic waste and making technology use more convenient for customers.
The European Commission points out that these parts cause about 12 thousand tons of waste every year across the EU.
When will USB-C be mandatory?
The date of entry into force of the new law that will make USB-C mandatory, adopted by the European Parliament, has been announced.
According to the details specified in the EU’s official newspaper, the “Common Charge” regulation will come into force on 28 December 2024.
Under the new law of the European Union, all smartphones, tablets, and headphones sold in member countries will have to come with a USB-C port.

It should be noted that the new regulation will not bring any changes to current electronic devices. Because many phones and devices already prefer USB-C input.
However, things seem to change for Apple, which continues to use Lightning on iPhones.
Apple had tried to curb the change, arguing that the regulation would freeze rather than spur innovation, render the devices of millions of Europeans obsolete, and create an unprecedented volume of electronic waste.
Unable to fight any longer, Apple has confirmed that the USB-C port will be used on iPhones in the past months. Therefore, it is quite high that we will see a USB-C input in the iPhone 15 series that will be introduced next year.

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